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There turban Police in Gresik

In the town of Gresik who wears a turban or fez not just scholars, but police also wear. They are a special team Gresik Police assigned to maintain security in the area of ​​religious tourism destinations such as the tomb of Sunan Giri and Maulana Malik Ibrahim. Around 30 the police will be alerted religious tourist place every day, especially crowded during holiday weekends like yesterday.

The formation of the tourism police to improve visitor services of religious tourism in Sunan Giri and Maulana Malik Ibrahim. In two locations that already exists cop, but the formation of a special team to improve service to the public. Once completed confirmed, The tourism police action immediately by handing out flyers to remind the public. Among them, tips when leaving the house empty, jambret alert and hypnotic, as well as tips on safe vehicle park.

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  •   Published On : 3 years ago on January 6, 2015
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