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Fitur Emblem Konflik kastil Emblem mitos

Emblem and Natural Features Missing Conflict Castle / Castle Clash

Fitur Emblem Konflik kastil Emblem mitosAssalamu.

Conflict Game Castle will indeed make us complacent features that are in play, features that are always in updated, such as mission boards, Hurricane Mesa, Missing Natural features and with the addition of features that allow it to make the emblem hero stronger than ever, because with the Emblem especially 4 Emblem kind of expertise / skillyang same which 1 to 4, can provide 1 additional expertise for heroes so we could have two Hero Skills / talents , and if it is the same hero skills with expertise Emblem, it will add some % the strength of the expertise of the hero, This makes the game castle conflict persisted and have many takers in the compare other games. When friends who do not understand yet, please see illustration below : 😀

It is an image that has a hero Legend Atlanticore Fire Protective Talent 3/5 ( Parry 14 % damage received) and i plug 4 Emblem series of the same type with talent have expertise in, which will add to the expertise of the Fire Protective 8 % , if there will be a number of Expertise Fire Protector for 22 % ==> click image to enlarge

Emblem Atlanticore konflik kastil

& Nbsp;

Meanwhile, below is a picture of the hero of the Legend (Rare) Pumpkin prince who has talent and I put rampage 4 Emblem of the same type that the persistence of expertise that will add / increase HP as much as 10 %, This has to be the Pumpkin 2 talent / expertise that is rampage and Persistence.

Emblem Pangeran labu konflik kastil

Emblems also can not so well in pairs for heroes, because Emblem can only be installed if already chalked Hero Level Level 21, and to improve its hero must already bitang 5 / level 80 on, and of course Emblem also has a level / rank different, the higher the level Emblem, the higher the ability that produced and also the higher the requirements, either the level or levels at the time hero emblem incised order.

Emblem in conflict game castle / castle clash directly related to missing Natural Features Since most Emblem can be from the battle, when opening a box or fight the enemy- enemy, To increase the Level At emblem incised, Which materials are also needed as well as a blue gem, blue gems can be found in Nature Missing, Surely Emblem is a feature that uses Which astringent used very rarely useful, with the emblem features now, Where it can be more useful and comparable with Gold.

According to the news of Conflict castle Indonesia Facebook page Will Emblem updated features in the near future with some more cool features again and also segeranya present a new Legend of Heroes can be purchased with Fractions Heroes. wow this is what in later-later……..
note: if you increase the level at the time of incised emblem then automatically Might or the total strength of your castle conflict game will be even greater.

Hope it is useful. jangan lupa tinggalkan komentar 😀 ?

Yours respectfully.

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ACHMAD. Rudy Firdaus


Siapa saya? Saya pendiri Imam Firdaus Blog hanyalah seseorang yang Hobi dalam aktivitas Nge Blog, dan juga hobi otak-atik Website, walaupun tidak jelas tapi saya ingin menjadi seseorang yang bermanfaat :D .


  1. net says:

    Ada daftar tempa emblem gk?

  2. indahac says:

    mas bisa tolong lebih rinci?.misal emblem apa yg bgus apa yg jelek.yg jelek mesti dijual ato diapain.trus ttg kristal apakah cma berfungsi tuk emblem.dll.biar yg awam kyk aq jd mudeng.ty

    • ada beberapa tingkat Emblem dari yang paling bagus dan yang paling jelek, misalnya tas emblem biasa, tas emblem langka dan yang paling baik adalah Emblem mitos yang bisa di dapat dari melawan iblis, membuka peti emas atau dari ngarai nestapa.

      setiap emblem memiliki fungsi bakat yang berbeda, agan bisa copot dan pasang emblem sesuai medan yang di hadapi, misalnya untuk menyerang lawan, Arena, menantang boss, di sini ada iblis, ngarai nestapa, badai mesa dll. setiap emblem memiliki keahlian tersendiri, jadi pandai pandai saja menempatkannya gan 😀

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