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Before Starting an Online Business

Certainly there are enough who know about Online Business, A business that can be done freely at home with just a computer and internet connection. There have been many who have an income of hundreds, thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars per month, Is not that income is pretty good?. However, there are still many who do not know about online business, certainly raised a question in the minds of friends, Is the online business ?, How do I start an Online Business ?, Why Online Business can make a lot of money?, Is online business is lawful? etc.. Honestly I also had first such thoughts.

sebelum memulai bisnis online  imam firdaus blogSome time ago there was a friend who asked, Why should online business?, Why not find another job? Because the online business I feel more free and without load. Why ? In carrying out our own online business that build the business without the pressure of a boss or boss, Free to go anytime, whether it's morning, afternoon, day, and night, Because Online Business can be done anytime. Useless have much money but depressed because of the rules boss, FREEDOM THAT CAN NOT MEASURE WITH MONEY.

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This time I will discuss the first step before you start a business that can be done at home by making use of the internet connection, with little knowledge I have may be useful for friends. Remember this is not a business that can generate a lot of money suddenly, or get rich quick, but an online business should be done with hard work, unyielding, be patient, serious and focused, and if friends do not want to build the personality traits, then look for another job and I do not continue reading this article. That is the character of the initial capital to be friends have before starting an online business. Below is a requirement prior to friends start an online business.

  • Laptop / Computer and internet connection : The second device is a couple who must co-exist due to later adjust your Online Business
  • Acceptance of Online Payments through ( Bank Online ) You can create a free Online Bank Account on Paypal. For me at this time Paypal is still the best and enjoy doing all over the world. To register you can go to and make an account there, For the tutorial I will discuss in a later article. sabar 🙂
  • Local Bank : Friends had to have a local bank, This is used if your friends want to withdraw money from Paypal ( Bank Online ) to a local bank account. I suggest using the BNI

I think it was just the initial conditions to start an online business, I give so that friends do not be too hasty in running an online business, If there are less, Please friends please leave a comment below. For the upcoming stage I will discuss more about how to run a business online slowly, certainly in the next article. Sabar 🙂

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