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Sholawat awesomeness Abrahamic

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Fadhilah efficacy and benefits of the Abrahamic Sholawat awesomeness:

There pray this prayer in reading tasyahud end.
Imam Nawawi said: That is called sholawat Abrahamic Sholawat because the sholawat is the most important form of sholawat, many pose enormous influence when it is read each harisecara istiqomah, especially, those who have a great desire for pilgrimage, then increase reading this sholawat istiqomah, because this sholawat taught by the Holy Rasuluuah. The sentence is :

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That is to say : Hoity-toity , give affection to our beloved prophet Muhammad and his family as You give love sayangmMu to our beloved Prophet Ibrahim and his family. And bless our beloved prophet Muhammad and his family as You bless our beloved prophet Ibrahim and kelurganya among creatures created beings, You are indeed Praiseworthy and Generous.

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Abrahamic blessings Peace is always read as a prayer, both obligatory prayers and sunnah. Shalawat the wording directly from God given to the Messenger of Allah to be taught to all its people. Peace ibrohimyah when practiced regularly and perseverance have a tremendous fadhilah, between wisdom and fadhilah ever felt by people who never practiced peace among the Abrahamic this:

1.Intensifies in conducting the worship of Allah SWT.

2.Feel the pleasure of remembrance so that it grows sensitivity and love for Allah and the Messenger SAW.

3.Always comfortable and at ease in this life to live, and, God willing, will bring salvation in the hereafter one day later.

4.Life always feel they are supervised, so do not dare to do things that are forbidden by Allah and His Prophet.

5.Always seek the grace and pleasure of Allah SWT.

7.Feeling calm hearts, happy and airy.

8.Strengthen heart (confidence) and body.

9.Growing a light in the heart and face.

10.Increased Muroqobah to Allah SWT, seem to see it when worshiping him.

11.Congratulations from temptation Satan,dangers of magic,witchcraft of jinn and humans.

12.Special and general Mahabbah.

13.Happy when facing a battle with the enemies of Allah SWT.

14.Opening the door of the great doors of enlightenment,if the remembrance more,enlightened keep on increasing.

15.Able to psychotherapy,know all the secret behind the secret.

16.To cure all diseases with the permission of Allah.

17.Everyone who grieve and confusion with the permission of Allah will come to those who practice this Peace ibrohimiyah either through dreams or notification to request help him.

18.Will see many beautiful light.

19.If you have an intention will quickly managed.

20.Souls of those who practice this ibrohimiyah blessings will be many if seen by the eyes of the inner. The soul is similar to those who act, they will walk and also pray.

21.Sometimes Murshid or counselor always be beside people who practice this Peace ibrohimiyah.

22.Attract and expand as much sustenance.

23.Nothing is done always on target,with God's permission of course.

24.Pengasihan to trade.

25.Easier to make a living.

26.To demonstrate the different types of martial arts and quickly mengusainya.

27.Congratulations from all slander zhalim.

28.Be able to see and dreamy nature supernatural.

29.Congratulations from interference theft and robbery.

30.When facing a boss or a magnifying received good conversation.

31.It is suitable for the internet businessman to add a lot and love of the visitors to the website after the effort to advertise.

32.Easier to get a good mate male or female.

33.If there is a danger that the arrival of an unknown, it will survive a sudden reflex.

34.If we are to memorize a lesson or anything easy to forget, The rote as hard once stuck in our minds, then try reading shalawat ibrohimiyah each finished ablution of 11 time, do many times,God willing, will be provided with Allah SWT,(In ijazahkan of KH.M.Yasin compote Wonorejo kediri).

35.To get all sorts of necessities of life in the world and in the hereafter.

36.To get a very large authority to others.

37.To bring in all sorts of intent and accelerate the achievement of all goals desired. and others.

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hope it is useful.

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