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Sholawat Munjiat and Usefulness

Sholawat Munjiat and Usefulness

Allaahumma Sholli 'Alaa Muhammad Sholaatan Sayyidinaa Tunjiinaa Biha Min Jamii' Il Ahwaali Wal Aafaati Wataqdhi Lanaa Biha Jamii 'Alhaajaati Watu Thohhirunaa Biha Min Jamii' Issayyi-Aati, Fa 'Unaa Bihar Indaka a'laddarojaati Watuballighunaa Bihar Aqshol Ghooyaati Minjamii' Il Khoirooti Pin Hayaati Waba'dal Mamaati Innaka 'Alaa Knot Syai-In Qodiir.
That is to say :
“Hoity-toity, pour out blessings and prosperity to our beloved, Prophet Muhammad with the grace with which Thou deliver us from all things scary and all disasters. You fulfill all the needs of our, You purify us from all evils thereof, You lift us at your side in the highest degree, and you tell us with the farthest destination of all the good in life and after death.”
Fadlilah and pray priority Munjiyat (Savior) :
Peace means savior pray Munjiyat. Sholawat contains properties that are very large and already famous and has been practiced by Shaykh Musa Al Dlarir. Pray he gets it from the Prophet, in his dreams. One day Shaykh Musa went on a ship along with the crowd suddenly there was a great wind up drowning because the ship buffeted by the waves were so terrible. The crew and passengers were confused and think how to be safe. In such circumstances Shaykh Musa felt sleepy weight to not be arrested until fall asleep, in his sleep Syech met Prophet Moses. and given the practice Munjiyat pray and hope taught to ship penunpang to read 1000 time. After Shaykh Musa woke tell his dream to the passengers of the ship and teach Sholawat. Then jointly read Sholawat Munjiyat taught earlier, not until 1000 time, The new assessment 300 times because of the help of God, wind increasingly subside so that the ship does not sink and passenger safety given by Allaw SWT, thanks fadlilah pray Munjiyat.
  1. Be read 41 time when the birth of a child ,God willing, it will be a child of the person they are pious, Tatat to Allah and His Messenger, submit to advise parents / child's teacher as well as being useful for religion homeland.
  2. Be read 40 times after prayers fardlu ,will be able to eliminate the inconvenience, simplify all the work and affairs, open and abundantly, explains hearts, elevating the rank and degree, and opened the door of goodness and can refuse or avoid disaster ,catastrophe in any form.
  3. If you wish to bolt in grant , but the conditions have to be sure really, read 11 times after prayers fardlu and at midnight prayer founded intent 2 cycles, pray and read Munjiyat 1000 time ( This way pamungkasnya let me quickly in grant) the intent is suitable for very urgent and urgent for example want to be able to mate or the other.
That is among the property-property Pray Munjiat which should be practiced with confidence as he prayed to God almighty. Inshallah will get success.
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