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Melat and usefulness

Melat and usefulness

Sholawat Nariyah

Allohumma sholli sholaatan kaamilatan wasallim salaaman taaamman Ala Muhammadinilladzi tanhallu bihil uqodu tanfariju bihil qurobu tuqdho bihil hawaaiju tunalu Bihi roghooibu husnul khowaatimu yustasqol ghomamu biwajhihil kariem Ala aalihi shohbihi more messages closure lamhatin nafasim bi'adadi Closure ma'lumin mud
That is to say :
"Ya Allah, Pour the welfare and safety perfect for our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW, may decompose with the blessing of His, all malignant and discharged from all danger, fulfilled all the wishes and desires and husnul reached khotimah (when the final good) poured rain (mercy) by Allah SWT, with glorious blessings on your family and friends every blink and gasp even the knowledge of Thee, O our Lord! "
Peace is a plea to Allah Almighty to give blessings and glory to the Prophet Muhammad and his family, friends. When Shalawat made do`a, then make the do`a immediately rose to the sky.
There is no doubt that blessings on the Prophet had priority and fadhilah uncommon for people who practice it. This conclusion is supported by the arguments of al-Qur'an and Sunnah are authentic. To get the fadhilah, then people vying multiply blessings.
Melat is a ridge composed by Sheikh nariyah. Shaykh this one alive at the time of the Prophet Muhammad that includes one of the companions of the Prophet. He was taken ketauhidan. Sheikh nariyah always see the hard work in delivering the vision of the prophet of God, teach about Islam, good moral righteousness and so sheikh always pray to God for the safety and welfare of the prophet. Prayers that include ordinary prophet called ridge and nariyah sheikh is one of the author ridge called the prophet of the ridge nariyah.
One night sheikh pray by reading nariyah 4444 time. After reading it, he got karomah of God. Then in a gathering he approached the Prophet Muhammad and ask first entered heaven with the Prophet. And the Prophet was agreed. Have a friend who is jealous and then ask for prayer are the same as breath nariyah. But he said he could not because the sheikh nariyah already requested prior dahulu.Mengapa friends was rejected prophet? and it could sheikh nariyah? The friends did not know about the nightly practice adopted by the sheikh nariyah the prophet prayed for the safety and well-being. People who pray for the Prophet Muhammad, in fact, is praying for himself because God had His prophets ensure that it would turn to prayer and blessing of practitioners with very kuat.Jadi prophet acts as a medium that could launch him the prayer of the faithful who bersholawat. This is one of the secrets of prayer / sholawat that not many people know so many are asking why the prophet even prayed for his people? for that if we pray to God, do not forget bersholawat prior to the Prophet because our prayers will be more fulfilled than not berwasilah through bersholawat.
To be worthwhile, read it must be accompanied by a strong belief, for God is in his prejudices. This is important in order to have positive thinking prayer was granted. Although we pray but not sure (Negative thoughts) then surely his prayer rejected.
Savor the ridge nariyah:
1. By reading sholaawat nariyah 11x every day it will be dimurahkan good luck and awake our good name in the community.
2. When read 21x each finished praying Fajr and Maghrib, then, God willing, able keeping of any calamity and distress any.
3. When read 40x can then inshallah eliminate all danger, facilitate all the work, easily obtain rizki, cleanse the liver, dignify, improve manners, maintain distress and calamity.
4. When have Large celebrations, then read this nariyah ridge of 4444x, then, God willing, what is desired to be achieved.

That is among the property-property ridge nariyah which should be practiced with confidence as he prayed to God almighty. Inshallah will get success.

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