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Sholawat Nuril Anwar and usefulness

Sholawat Nuril Anwar and usefulness
O Allah! 'Alaa nuuril anwaari wasirril asraari, watiryaaqil aghyaari wamiftaahi babylon yasaari, sayyidinaa wamaulaana Muhammadinil muhtaari aalihil Ath haari ash haabihil ahyaari 'Adan ni'amillaahi ifdhaalih.
That is to say :
"Ya Allah, pour out blessings to the light of all lights, the secret of all secrets, cures grief and confusion, door openers facilities, that our lord, The Prophet Muhammad. Selected, Sacred Family, and the noble companions as much a matter of the favor of God and His karu-nia "
Efficacy priorities and pray achievement Anwar :
Peace comes from Wall Quthub Sayyid Badawi Abadi-ra. According to, priorities and use these blessings are:
• If someone reading this shalawat each finished obligatory prayers, then he will be protected from all distress and obtain
sustenance with mu-dah.
• If someone reads this and prayers day and night 100 time, then he will get sustenance physically and spiritually, effective to bring all the hunger, refuse disaster, and obtain divine light.
• If someone wants the post-occupation or kedu high, let him read this shalawat of 21 X each will go to work
• If someone reading this shalawat 7 times each will sleep, insyd'Allah he was spared from the magic that people do evil.
According to the experience of scholars' pray or Nuuril Raudhatul Anwar Anwar has many benefits and efficacy among others:
1. If read when the heart is in love or heart are confused then the gods will provide broad-mindedness and joy
2. If you are experiencing anger ridge crest and read Raudhatul anwar insha allah anger will subside momentarily, so also when dealing with people who are angry or face the people greatly feared the anger then read the ridge Raudhatul anwar.
3. To clear the mind, especially for the prosecution imu, facilitate receiving lessons from teachers.
4. To suffer hardship livelihood sustenance so broad ridge wirid Raudhatul anwar
5. Trading business / Booking business or life would not hesitate to die so good once mewiridkan ridge Raudhatul face each finished praying 5 the time.
6. Anwar if Raudhatul pray always in practice, it can give the effect of a grumpy so soft-hearted, so vengeful lover. And there are many more benefits of mewiridkan sholawat.

That is among the property-property Pray achievement Anwar which should be practiced with confidence as he prayed to God almighty. Inshallah will get success.

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