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Pray SIFA’ and Usefulness

Pray SIFA’ and Usefulness
O Tholli Alaa sayyidina thibilqulubi muhammad wa wa afiatil ajsadwa days may haa haa Syifaa nuuril absor wa wa dieyya ihaawa Alaa alihi shohbihi wa wa wa sallam baarik
That is to say :
"Ya Allah, have mercy on our leaders, Prophet Muhammad saw, who with the blessing of the king, You heal hearts, bidder and nourish the body also provide healing diseases, and bestows light vision. And grant Blessing and peace on his family and companion of the Prophet "
This ridge has been long outstanding and practiced the Muslim community, not only in our region but also in other continents where there are people who believe. Practiced not only by civil society, but also by the scholars follow, they even organized a reading for heart drugs and afiat body and light eyes. These are some of the advantages of adopting the ridge that this blessing by our scholars ("Scholars and protaz they" would mislead us even assign partners, fight demelah). In addition to obtaining preferential bersholawat, God we will be protected from diseases, whether the disease hissing or more chronic diseases meaningful again, Insha-Allah wa bi idznihi saw the glory of the Lord. which we mention in the sholawat as wasilah for that purpose.
Consider writing Ustadz Abu 'Ali al-Banjari Ahmad Fahmi al-Maliki is the first for his translation of the said Qasidah Refaey:
"... .This Is not a means qasidas this Refaey that cures the disease, but the question is when the called-mentioned properties and moral Messenger. then multiply, increase the sense of love towards the Prophet and the blessing that he was "heart medicine and cure, healthiness body and healing ", then insha-Allah will cure all kinds of diseases. "
Among the efficacy of the ridge syifa ': For a healthy body, security, and heart be light
When read it every day:
  1. Physically and mentally healthy
  2. Given that security in the world and the hereafter
  3. The liver becomes light benerang, can see where the truth and what is wrong
  4. The body becomes stronger, not susceptible to the damaging effect.

& Nbsp;

That is among the property-property sholwat syifa’ which should be practiced with confidence as he prayed to God almighty. Inshallah will get success.

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