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About the Author and Blog

By : ACHMAD. Rudy Firdaus

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Praise be to GOD Almighty who has given permission to create this Blog, Because a thing is possible if God did not permit it happens.

About Imam Firdaus Blog :

This simple blog I created with the aim of which is not clear, Why is not clear ? because frankly I was the type of person is not clear. The point in this blog contains everything that I know whether it's on the Internet, Health Tips, Religious, Music, Culture, Business, Software, Games, Sports, Entertainment, etc.. A place to learn, share and play. And hopefully this blog useful for all visitors.

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Author Blogs :

My name is Paradise, I'm just a simple man who lived in a small village. I Managing 50++ more website blog. My hobby is mostly in front of a laptop, playing guitar, main game, read, prayer, essence of the good deh…. Graduated School in 2008, sempet college but unfortunately it just 1 year because there is no willingness, that now finally my fate was not as good as my friends the other. There are already a Teacher, Forest, Exemplary Employee Factory, Bachelor'S Degree, etc.. But that does not make me jaded, and continue to want to be useful to others.

This time I was not alone handle this Blog, Because there happens to be a friend (I have) who would I take to be the Author (author) in this blog. That's why this blog is named Imam Firdaus BLOG taken from the name we both Priest and Firdaus. With all our activities are not clear, We both will present useful articles on this blog.

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Hopefully this blog Be Useful.